Stop the content overwhelm & grow faster with simple TikTok & Reels trends!

(No complicated dancing or editing required!)

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"Everyone who is trying to single-handedly run a business off social media clicks NEEDS this guide."

What people are saying...

TikTok & Reels Trends are AMAZING for visibility, right? 

 Yes, but... just posting a trend isn't enough. You need to make it unique to you with a scroll-stopping hook & on-brand messaging so you can actually attract your target market & capitalize on that viral momentum to generate the right followers & leads.

What if you had a Certified Marketing Strategist not only curate the trends for you (emphasis on the easy to record trends AND clean music


give you the scroll-stopping hooks & fill-in-the-blank prompts... 

to save you the draining time suck of researching the audios & to relieve the creative overwhelm of what the heck to say in your video? 

Game-changer, right?

Plus we can't ignore these 2 facts:

1. TikTok completely disrupted the industry & now

1 in 10 people worldwide use TikTok! 

What in the world?! 🤯🤯🤯

No matter what industry you operate in, you can see TikTok's effects on pop culture & the whole advertising & marketing landscape.

And NOW is an incredible time to get on TikTok. So many have already had great success with it but it is poised to grow EVEN MORE in the next year. 

And something else important:

2. Instagram is still the #4 app in the world behind Facebook, Youtube, & WhatsApp. (you know... no big deal, ha!) And it boasts 2 billion monthly users (compared of course to TikTok's mere 1 billion).

This means there is still money to be made on this app & the best way to do that & get in front of the most people is Reels!

Bottom line?

➼ Short-form video is not going away & now is the perfect time to embrace it!

➼ You are not late to this game. There is still so much growth ahead here.

➼ Trends are one of the best ways to get on video & get in front of new people! 

And I am so pumped to help you do this thing!

That's why you need...


Expand Your Reach & Grow Your Followers with Exclusive Access to Easy to Create TikTok & Reels Trends

6 Trends Delivered Straight to your Inbox 2x a month (audio links & scroll-stopping hooks included! Dancing not required!)

(what you get!)

Each trend report includes

plus these AMAZING BONUSES in each report

What people are saying...

Are you asking these questions too? 

Ok, cool...keep reading.

⚡Who is this for?

The Trend Report works for you if you are a service provider, coach, course creator, maker (I always include a trend specifically for you!), or even brick & mortar businesses or non-profit! And I even have Virtual Assistants & Service Providers who use these audios for their clients!

⚡Will you tell me which song to use?

Yes! This Report cuts through the information overload for you. You get the link to the exact audio to use plus the fill in the blank prompts for how to use it!

⚡Does this teach me how to make Reels & TikToks?

This does not show you how to use the editors but I have other resources that can help you with that like the Reels 101 Bundle & the Rock Out on Reels Workshop.

⚡"I can't waste an hour of my life editing 1 video!" (I know you have thought this...)

You know what... neither can I! That is why I pick trends that you can typically record in 3 takes or less! 

⚡"But so many trending songs I hear on TikTok & Reels include explicit words & my customers are NOT into that!
Lucky for you, my clients aren't really into that either. So I specifically find trending sounds that DO NOT include explicit words. So you can share Reels that are on-brand & not jarring for your followers.

⚡"What if I need to cancel?"
You can cancel at anytime & you will get access until the end of your billing period.

⚡"Can't I just find trends myself?"

I mean, of course you can.... but I bet you have better things to do with your time than thumb through videos for hours & try to find a trend with clean music that doesn't involve learning a complicated dance. Lucky for you, you benefit from my expert trend spotting skills to find you trends that are simple to recreate & without explicit language. I mean, the #1 thing I hear from my subscribers is how much time the Trend Report saves them. I am pretty sure it is going to save you time too. 

How to make the most of the report (once you get it in your inbox)

Step 1: Review the trends.

The 6 Trends are listed for you right away in the trend report. For each trend, you get

➼ a description of the concept

➼ ways you can adapt that to your niche

➼ 5 messaging hooks to use as text on-screen, to say out loud or to use in your caption.

➼ A link to the audio in Instagram and in TikTok

Step 2: Decide which one you will record first.

Trends have the most power when they are early in the wave. So pick one to try out right away. Lucky for you, I find you simple trends that can be recorded in 3 takes or less. Many times you only need  1 or 2 props & you can even record in the exact clothes you are wearing. So click the audio link for the platform that you want & record.

Step 3: Post your video

Don't overthink it. Just get your message out there. Use the hashtag #quickvidstrendreport in your caption so I can see your video & give you support! 

Step 4: Use the 5 other trends over the next 2 weeks. 

You don't need to record all 6 videos at once (unless you really want to). The cool thing is that you now have 5 other video trends ready to go to mix in with your original content, saving you the hours of time & research & brain power.

Just for you: 2 convenient payment options!

Quick Vids Trend Report (Annual) 

- 2 mths free!

Let's make this sooo easy! You get all the amazing TikTok & Reel trends PLUS you get a deal that will save you some money. Here it is, curated for you & landing in your inbox every 2nd & 4th Tuesday.

All this for $300 for 12 months (2 months free!)

Quick Vids Trend Report (Monthly)


It's really easy. You want what is trending with TikTok & Reels & how to make it work for your business BUT you don't want to get lost in the rabbit hole of scrolling for "research". Here it is, curated for you & landing in your inbox every 2nd & 4th Tuesday.

All this for $30 per month!